Mathematical Society of University of Peradeniya

Our purpose is to...

To make a connection between the students who are interested in Mathematics and follow it as a principal subject at the Faculty of Science.

To make a network consisting Mathematicians, Mathematics educators and the students.

To enhance interest, understanding, and research in the field of Mathematics.

To disseminate mathematics knowledge among its membership and the society.

To build up leaderships, team working, and other soft skills.

To organize lectures, seminars, workshops, and other related activities to its members and other interested parties to introduce contemporary Mathematics.

To publish magazines and articles that would promote interest on Mathematics.

To promote and assist the interchange of information relating to the field of Mathematics among its members and other interested people via the website.

What we've done

We've been able to successfully achieve our objectives via following activities with some to ease our minds with the guidance of our department staff and support by our members.

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Newly Appointed Committee for year 2020/2021

Outgoing Committee

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